You know those days that you feel totally uninspired, down and without any sparkle of life? I do. In addition, I had one today. And yesterday actually. I think it has something to do with getting used to the huge amount of freedom summer holidays suddenly bring. So.. what are we gonna do about it?

Besides the spare time, I usually have those days when there’s a significant list of ‘things to do’ somewhere pretty well hidden in my brain. A list filled with things I’d rather love to forget about because I don’t like them. For me it usually consists otu of phone calls I have to make, things I have to settle regarding study finance and other bills and loans from friends that are still open. So a good start towards enjoying our holidays would be to transfer this list to paper. And then trying to finish those things within a day. Of course there will be new obligations but by finishing those that are on the list for a while now, you really clear your mind and enable yourself to make a new and fresh start.

When we’ve done those obligations it’s time to create an inspirational environment. So TIDY and CLEAN your house/room. It may not be the most exciting task there is, however in some cases it can be very challenging (;-)) and it definitely has great results. Throw away everything you don’t need any longer you’ll see that throwing things away can give you such a great feeling after all! A clean and tidied house is really the basis for a clear mind, how cliche but the absolute truth. Now that we started this huge operation, let’s do the closet as well. What’s more fun than finding back those great lost clothes and trying them on again. Moreover, I always find the best new combinations while re-organizing my closet. In this case as well: throw away the clothes (and socks and underwear!) that are too old, too outworn or which you haven’t worn in ages.

I am sure your wash basket has burst in the meantime, so one of our last steps is washing the clothes and sheets. Nothing feels better than sleeping between crispy sheets and having the choice of all fresh washed clothes stapled perfectly on the shelves.

The last steps towards a better feeling about ourselves are really applicable to ourself. Get out of the house for some sports and some fresh air. You’ll see it does you well. I always feel so much better about myself when I did some sort of workout that day, even though it wasn’t the most effective one. Everything is better than nothing, right? And really in the case of workouts.. As a treatment you are allowed (no obliged!) to take a long relaxing shower afterwards, give yourself a manicure and pedicure, apply loads of bodymilks etc. Sure you will feel better now!

I guarantee you that you’ve thought of a million greater things to do while cleaning your ass out, so good luck with that! Let me know how it went!

With love,