Lately I picked up the ‘running thing’ again and at the moment I try to do at least 2 running sessions of about 5-6 kms a week. Since the weather here in the Netherlands (and a huge part of Europe) is not that motivating I thought a good cardio playlist might do the trick ;-). Find it here on youtube.

Whole playlist and some additional comments to the songs I chose:

(Girls) Who run the world – Beyoncé Well, I guess a song couldn’t possibly be any better for a running workout, am I right girls?! We’ve got the power!
Killer on the run – Bruno Mars Again a pretty nice word-joke. Imagine someone that really drove you nuts and put all your energy in chasing him. And… remember: you’re getting thinner and more toned by doing this, so win-win situation, he’ll regret whatever he has done to you!
Boom boom pow – Black Eyed Peas Simply a catchy, upbeat and cheering song. You’ve got the flow by now, boom boom pow!
Can’t stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers Like I said: you’ve got the flow!
Born to run – Bruce Springsteen This song couldn’t be neglected of course.
Runnin’ – Jesse McCartney Long time ago I listened to his songs, but this one is definitely very suitable.
Boulevard of broken dreams – Green Day “I walk a lonely road, the only on that I have ever known” is how the song starts. Call me weird but it made me think of the scene in ‘What women want’ when they’re talking about the feeling of beating the road early in the morning (as a promotion for Nike). And I guess it’s true.. that feeling is great, besides that it’s a lovely and catchy song.
Club can’t handle me – Flo Rida Upbeat, perfect for a nice sing along and imagine once again how powerful and beautiful you’re about to become with this discipline! Surely that the club won’t be able to handle you soon!
Fucking Perfect – Pink …Always rememeber: you are pretty the way you are, it’s very important to love yourself and see this running thing as a way to improve yourself even more. Allow Pink to be your mental coach!
Fighter – Christina Aguilera I know working out can be a huge challenge for yourself every now and then and asks for much discipline… but now that you’re doing it, don’t you feel like you’re a fighter?!
Fat bottomed girls – Queen Haha I came along this one and ain’t it the most awesome running song for us fat bottomed girls? 😛 Nice motivator to tone up your butt into a J.Lo-one!
One more – SuperChick Well, besides the fact that you can easily run one more round, her name is pretty awesome as well. And it reflects what we running girls are: Super chicks!
Like a G6 – Far East Movement Most club songs are very suitable for a running playlist too, since they’re most of the time upbeat, motivating and catchy. Well.. run like a G6 baby and get ready for a better next clubbing night!
Only girl in the world – Rihanna Makes you feel unique and you can refer this one back to the story about hitting the road when you’re alone, early in the morning.
Dirrty – Christina Aguilera Just interpretate the lyrics a little bit different 😉 “Sweat until my clothes come off … Wanna get dirrty, It’s about time for my arrival, Ah, heat is up, so ladies, fellas, drop your cups, body’s hot, front to back, now move your ass, I like that”.
Sweet dreams – Eurythmics This song of all songs makes me feel like moving the most.
Pump it – Black Eyed Peas Oh this song is só great for running! Makes me feel happy, feel like moving and makes my heart beat just a little bit faster pumping the blood through my veins boosting me with just a little more energy than usual.
Rock your body – Justin Timberlake Yeah.. move your body and create a stunning silhouette. Interpretate the title slightly different: create an ass like a rock, a tummy like a rock…
Sexy bitch – David Guetta He can see ya and wants to meet ya for sure when you keep up this good work! Damn, you’re so absolutely a sexy bitch!
Your sex is on fire – Kings of Leon I LOVE this song! Your sex is absolutely gonna be on fire doing these routines, boys are gonna form rows to get to you!

So keep going, girls! Please feel free to share your personal favourite work out songs in the comments, I’m always eager to find new ones!