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The girls from Tone It Up

Lately I’m pretty much interested in workouts and healthy living. I’ve always wanted to be ‘that sporty’ girl, you know.. with the perfect body, lifestyle and who’s really fit. There were times that I was really close to this but last year I hardly did a thing and that’s reflected in my body and fitness now!

I love to get inspiration to exercise just a little bit harder and to try new things every now and then. So I click around on the Internet like a maniac ;-). Here are some of my favourites, they’re not that much yet but it’s a good start!

First of all: Do you already know Karena and Katrina’s website ‘Tone it up‘? Those two California girls are real gurus (you definitely have to check out their youtube channel as well), on their blog they share their new video workouts, healthy recipes and, best of all, they motivate you and adjust their blogposts and workouts to recent events. Not just ‘bikini workouts’ but also plans to detox your body after family weekends full of eating (Independece day? ;-)) and background information for example about metabolism. I admit: it is all a bit commercial, but.. to be honest girls: I am sure there is no girlier looking fitness website out there, it really makes me feel like us girls run the world! πŸ˜‰

I really liked those articles: about your metablism, high intensity interval training and this short motivational message about the fact that change is uncomfortable.

Then we’ve also got Sarah from SarahFit she has – as Karena and Katrina – both a youtube channel and a website. Hers looks a little less motivating and girly but at the same time much less commercial, which I also love. I like that even though she is slim and toned, she has muscles in e.g. her legs which makes them look bigger.. that’s a problem I have as well (not that I am as slim as she is but I have always trouble with mostly my legs and shoulders since I simply have a lot of muscles there which sometimes makes them look ‘big’). My favourite videos of her which I discovered until now are How to get skinny looking legs and How to lose love handles.

I would love to hear about your favourite workouts maybe videos, websites.. also websites on healthy cooking etc. I’m really into this now! Sharing is sexy!

I’m off for some running workout now! πŸ˜‰