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When you’re the most happening person at the party, it’s time to leave.

By Kelly Cutrone in ‘If you have to cry go outside’. At first side this quote might seem a bit odd, however I think there’s a great hidden meaning in it. It might even be one of the best life lessons ever. How I interprete it? I think it is important to always surround yourself by people that are a little more successful than yourself, a little more passionate/disciplined/…, people that inspire you to always reach for the stars. When you’re surrounded by people that are ‘better’ than yourself, you’ll find yourself becoming more successful as well. Think about it.. in my opinion this is exactly what Paris Hilton is doing ‘wrong’. She likes to be the most happening person at whatever place she goes. Even though she is in the position to surround herself by some of the most succesful people of the world, politicians, actors, business people.. Instead it looks like she prefers to be the topic of the day. Of course I don’t know all about her and she might as well do these things but at least this is what she shows to the rest of the world and how I see her. How tempting it might be: don’t always go for the easy and flattering situations of being the most happening person (btw don’t get ‘most happening’ wrong: this does not necessarily have anything to do with popularity, even though that’s a factor as well, but can also refer to success in your work/studies/lifestyle/…).

Remember: Always reach for the stars