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I’m addicted to making lists so it should not be too much of a suprise that I keep lists about the books I read and movies I watch during a year. In this category I’ll keep you up to date with the movies I’ve seen so far and my opinion about them. 5 movies at a time will be discussed and I think I’ll try to do it about twice a week!

Let’s start then. These were the five very first movies I’ve seen in 2011:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I
Since I was 8 and my mom bought me the first Harry Potter book as a Sinterklaas gift me and my dad are hooked to this series. I really love the last book and movies, they’re better than the movies in between I think. Absolutely a recommendation, but I guess that’s not really a surprise.

It’s complicated
When I was about 15 I truly believed that my love for chickflicks would never fade. However, now that I am a little older I already start perfering other genres over the chickflick. Nevertheless, every now and then a girl simply needs one, to boost our emotional level, to feel better and to unconditionally feel connected with the shallow characters. To believe fairytales exist. It’s complicated really put a smile of happiness on my face. It’s one of the better chickflicks I’ve seen and an absolute feel-good movie. Well, who would expect something else of a Meryl Streep movie?

Marie Antoinette
I’m sure that this movie is not to be a favourite of all you. A lot of my friends find it dready and boring, I even had to turn it off so we could start another film! I liked it though. Sofia Coppola’s perspective is clear and I absolutely love her unique way to present things. It is a retelling of France’s iconic but ill-fated queen, Marie Antoinette. What makes the movie good and unique, in my opinion, are the ‘modern’ elements in it. It’s contradictionary and doesn’t fit completely, which adds  sometimes funny and scoffing moments. It makes fun of both the ara of Marie Antoinette as well as ours. It’s a girly, romantic movie with a very interesting twist.

17 Again
Well, what can I say about it? I had it on my computer for ages so it was really time to try this one out. It was not bad, absolutely nice enough for a relaxing evening but definitely not one of my favourites.

Bride Wars
Yeah.. again a chickflick, but also again a pretty good one. Bride wars is about two brides who are best friends, planning their wedding. But then they become rivals because their weddings are scheduled at the same day, and another location is not an option since they’re both dreaming of a Plaza-wedding since they were little girls. It’s funny, it’s dreamy, romantic and about friendship as well as love. Plus Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson (one of my favourite actresses!).