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I came across an old article on the rules of dating published in a magazine decades ago. You can discuss about this, but honestly I think most of them are still great rules to apply when dating a guy. I mean: dressing in your ‘boudoir’ or at least somewhere he is not around, not necessarily because it’s more classy (no, nowadays it is not that much of a problem) but I think it’s a great way to stay mysterious for a little longer. And that’s exactly what will keep him interested: girls that show all their dirt (and other, not so dirty information) will probably not stay interesting to him that long. So.. if he stays over at your place? Get dressed in the bathroom the next morning, instead of getting changed in front of him. Of course, this applies dating, I guess it would become a little scary if you’re in a relationship and still ask for him leaving the room so that you can get dressed 😉

The second rule is so absolutely true. Honestly girls, even in this modern times men don’t like women behaving as if they’re construction workers! So keep your legs crossed or next to each other, straighten your back, shoulders backwards and please show us a little smile! I guarantee you that a lot more people (it’s applicable in general, valuable for every situation) will show interest in you and like you!

I guess they still don’t. Crying over nothing is absolutely a no-go around men, they simply don’t understand. However, these times it is not a crime to show or explain your real feelings every now and then, but be careful to not share your whole (emotional) life with him at once or too soon! And… a tear drop every now and then can cause wonders if you want something done or to get that Tiffany’s necklace! 😉

Clothes are, as long as you’re not dating your next best gay friend, not a man’s favourite subject and by talking about it a lot you might look shallow. However, I think if it’s really your passion, you can tell him about that of course. Just don’t overdo it, but that’s for every subject! I partly agree with the flattering and pleasing part, because even though I absolutely disagree with you trying to be someone else it is also important to show interest for his favourite subjects that might not be that interesting to you. But don’t lie, don’t tell him you absolutely LOOOOOVE classic cars while you actually feel the urge to crash with them untill they’re total loss! 😉

So yes, I think us ladies should keep the old rules in mind. You’ll sure become a little more interesting and mysterious to him and that’s in most cases definitely a good thing! Just don’t overdo it the way your grandma would apply them =)

Any more helpful dating rules and tips? Please share!