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My super ex girlfriend
Me and my little brother love to watch movies together, especially comedies and animated movies. Our top-favourite is Madagascar 1 and 2 😉 The best ting about watching movies with him is the fact that if it’s only a tiny little bit funny, he burst into laughing which causes you getting a laughing-kick-that-doesn’t-stop as well. It happened many times that I had to cry and almost fell off the couch only because of his laughing. It’s great, I tell you! The same thing happened every now and then while watching My super ex girlfriend, I’m sure it would have but pretty different if I would not have watched it together with my bro – ’cause to be honest, it is not worth an uncountable amount of oscars.

I watched Burlesque together with some friends and I must say they were lyrical about this Christina Aguilera movie. I wasn’t thát enhousiastic, but I think that’s because I expected só much out of it. I mean: a movie with Christina Aguilera singing in it?! Must be pretty amazing! It was nice but not great. Don’t take my opinion too seriously btw, I had the same with Dirty Dancing.. 😉

The Duchess
This is really ‘my kinda movie’. If you hear that Pride and Prejudice (the version with Keira Knightley) is one of my all time favourite movies, you might understand why. The Duchess is a costume drama as well and again performs Keira Knightley one of the main characters. It has to be your genre, but if you’re a fan of movies in the ‘Jane Austen’ style, you should definitely give ‘The Duchess’ a chance!

Letters to Juliet
This movie was on my wishlist for só long! Amanda Seyfried is one of my favourite actresses (together with e.g. Kate Hudson) and I lóve her movie ‘Dear John’. This movie is really great even though I expected it to have more of that ancient romance in it, instead of tending towards an ‘ordinary romcom’. Never mind, this is really a great movie which you will not regret watching!

No Strings Attached
I’ve seen this movie in the cinema, together with three friends (2 men, 1 girl) and we absolutely liked it all. It’s suitable for both girls (romance and Ashton Kutcher!) and boys (sex and Natalie Portman!) and pretty funny. However, the boys (they’re not Dutch btw) found it a little bit embarrassing to watch it with girls, from time to time, because of some extended scenes ;-).

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