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My three favourite albums at the moment!

Gavin deGraw – Sweeter

Gavin’s new album! And I loooooove it. It’s sweet, uptempo and catchy. With delicious lyrics and of course his warming voice. Besides the hit ‘Not over you’ there are a lot more great songs. My personal favourites are ‘Sweeter’ which could become a great second single, ‘Soldier’ for it’s sweet soul and ‘Candy’ and ‘Stealing’ for their great lyrics. A perfect album to listen to on a rainy afternoon, sitting all cuddled up at the couch with a book or so.

Viktoria by Maria Mena

I tell you, this album is soooooo beautiful. Ultimate relaxation. You should really check it out yourself, the only thing I can say about it that it’s absolutely great. It contains soft, sensitive songs. Fairylike. My favourites though are ‘Viktoria’, ‘Homeless’, ‘Secrets’, ‘Am I Supposed to Apologize?’ and ‘The Art of Forgiveness’.

Femme Fatale by Britney Spears

I’ve always been a fan of Britney, secretly. Especially her old songs. So when a friend asked me to join her to her Femme Fatale concert I didn’t think twice. Even though I don’t like all her songs as much, the more frequently you listen them the more you’re gonna appreciate them. Since the concert is next Wednesday, the album is on repeat now, so I can sing along the songs then! My absolute favourite is Criminal, ever heard a pop song with a flute as base? Cool hm? It’s still Britney, bitch.