A lot of people get stuck in the middle, while studying or working, time flies by forgotten. And at the same time all those people actually have dreams where they cannot find the time for. How does it come? In this wonderful and extremely inspirational video Mat Cutts explains how the philosophy of trying something new every 30 days can change your life. You can implement new habits and diminish bad habits. And no, those challenges don’t all have to be huge things! Trying to go to sleep before 12 o’clock for a month can also be a very useful challenge, or studying at least two hours a day!

What did I do so far? Well.. I tried new sports hours at our student gym. They offer the craziest courses like pole dance, under water hockey, beasting and lots more. I wanna try all these crazy things! Furthermore, I applied for being a board member for organizing a masterclass in May. Especially for my study (and other business and economics studies) participating in committees and boards is very important for your personal development and chances for jobs later on in your life. And guess what? I made it to the board! I will do the PR and I’m gonna learn so much from it! What my next challenge will be? I think it’ll have something to do with more sporting and less eating.. I’ll keep you up to date 😉

So.. have you ever tried this before? What are your dreams, and.. more important: are you gonna try to make them become reality?