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Just a few weeks to go and the first midterms of this academic year are here already. Do you feel ready for them, or are you – just like most of us – getting more and more stressed with every day that passes? If you’re part of the first category: please share your secrets with us! We’re dying to know! And.. if you’re part of the latter category: maybe the following tips will help you a bit to control your nerves.

Start studying now
I know it’s a simple tip, however pretty difficult to make it become reality. But imagine the feeling it gives you when you’ll receive a good grade within a few weeks. It really only takes some tough weeks of studying, then you’ll feel extremely glad and proud of yourself and you’ll have time to party all night long again. So for now: stop saying ‘I’ll study later’ and just take your books, go to the library and study that chapter!

Find a nice place to study
Probably your room serves you the most comfortable study environment: laptop near by, same for the fridge, roomies and lots of other distractions. Many of us even find ourself cleaning and tidying our rooms as a ‘essential thing to do before I can start studying’. Yeah right… So what I would suggest is to go to your university’s library to study there. Don’t let any of your friends know you’re there until you really believe you deserve a break. Then you can go for half an hour coffee and talks πŸ™‚ When you set up these agreements with friends and everyone keeps his/her word, this absolutely is an excellent way to study. You do not miss you social contacts so no need for Facebook all the time! While on the other hand you cannot talk and/or sign to your friends all the time. So make sure you study in different rooms of the library!

What I also do a lot during those exam weeks is going to a cheap restaurant with friends as a dinner break. We’re only allowed to spend there 3 quarters up to an hour, have some chilling time (what’s better than a delicious dinner in a cosy restaurant!) and also a good motivation and enough energy to study some more hours up to the time the library closes. Which is in our case usually 10 p.m.

Make sure you get enough sleep
While studying I tend to get really productive after 8 o’clock in the evening… which results in sleepless nights every now and then, especially when I didn’t plan it right so the workload has increased a lot those last nights before the exam is due πŸ˜‰
So, please… make sure you sleep enough in those weeks before the exams: it enables you to study more, more efficiently and to remember it better. And if you really still need it: you have enough energy-buffer to study all night long once that period πŸ˜‰

Buy healthy food
.. Like fruits, vegetables, yoghurts and muesli bars instead of fastfood and candy bars. Sure: sometimes you need comfort food and an energy boost, but even though they may indeed provide this energy boost: in the long run it exhausts you (something with the burning of sugar I believe, Google it ;-)) and also gives you a bad feeling about yourself. And those feelings are really undesirable when you still have to study a lot. So think twice in the supermarket!

Yeah it’s true.. instead of those candy bars and fastfood, you can better gain some energy from a short sports session. Go running or.. if you don’t like cardio etc, you can attend a class in the gym. Pilates can absolutely empty your mind for a moment to get it all clear again and zumba or spinning will enable you to lose some energy. So listen to yourself and your needs and pick something to enable yourself for an afternoon filled with studying again!

Be organized
Kinda silly, however it really works. Make sure the environment where you study is clean and tidy and make a schedule of the work you still need to do. It clears your mind and absolutely helps to prevent you from getting stressed and panicked. Therefore you should watch yourself and don’t make your schedule too ambitious: that won’t work at all! Be honest and real to yourself in what you can do in one day without getting stressed. Indeed: We should always try to prevent stress! πŸ™‚

Spend some time outdoors
It may sound odd, but going outside every day is so important! Go for a walk, spend some time at a lake with a good book or something. Anything. Getting some vitamin D and fresh air really is as important as getting enough sleep.

So good luck for now! Please, share your thoughts πŸ™‚ I’ll go for a reading session again now, haha… two more chapters to go today!