Wednesday I went to Britney’s concert here, in Ahoy Rotterdam. And it was AWESOME. Even though she may not be the best singer out there, and even though she did not have the same sick choreos as before, she is just great. Nothing was too crazy for the show: fireworks, cars, gondolas, motors.. everything was there. And even though the reviews are quite horrible… well.. what did you expect? Britney without lip-syncing? No.. we know she always does so. It is just the nostalgia that makes it so great. Fortunately she also sung some of her old songs like Toxic, Stronger and One More Time. The best thing was that 90% of the other people were our age or even older. People who were in their teens when Britney was at her top. Oh that and a lot of gays, which makes an awesome audience if you ask me. Before her there were acts performed by Destinee & Paris (wow, these girls can sing! Great, GREAT performance, we loved them! You should definitely check out their youtube videos!) and Joe Jonas (we didn’t really know he was part of the Jonas Brothers haha, and found him pretty arrogant).